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Christmas: a season to remember why we care for creation

“Christmas: A season to remember why we care for creation.

John’s Gospel opens with a stunning statement:

‘The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.’ (John 1:14) ⁠

Have you ever wondered about the significance of this verse and what it says about God and the world he made? Just think about it for a moment. Our God who called all creation into being – the birds, the fish, the skies, the seas – and even formed man from the dust of the earth, eventually became Immanuel, God with us. The Creator with His creation.⁠

Have you considered then the intrinsic value God places on what He has made? The babe that God sent to earth eventually grew up to walk on the seas and to break bread and drink wine, from wheat and grapes grown on land He made. This same babe also comes to defend the poor and the oppressed and to reconcile humanity with the rest of creation. God’s choice to be in the flesh with His creation surely indicates that creation has significant value.⁠

Perhaps the pandemic gives us the opportunity to reframe our Christmas festivities this year with renewed significance. Amidst our caroling, gifting and feasting traditions, let’s also remember that we are celebrating the Creator entering His created cosmos: Christ the babe bringing hope and the promise of renewal for a broken creation.⁠

This hope gives us the reason to care for God’s creation. This hope can also inform thoughtful action so that what we sing, what we give and what we eat this Christmas can be part of our commitment to care for the creation that God made and that Immanuel came to redeem and restore.⁠

This article was originally published as part of our #OMFadvent2020 series on the OMF International Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Jasmine Kwong
Creation Care Advocate, OMF Philippines

Jasmine is a creation care advocate. With a background in conservation biology and community development, she often explores the intersections between humanity and the natural world. Her biggest inspiration is the Creator of the universe who is teaching her to cultivate a sense of awe and wonder through his creation.

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