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“Chefoo School Museum Exhibit, Yantai, China”

Chefoo School was established in 1881 by Hudson Taylor in what is now the City of Yantai, China.  The School was closed at the original site in 1942 when students, teachers and staff were interned by the Japanese following their attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor.  The School was interned for close to a year in a few buildings at Temple Hill, still part of Chefoo, and then the entire school was transferred in the Fall of 1943 to an internment camp at Weihsien, now the city of Weifang.

Until the internment at Temple Hill, and then at Weihsien, the Chefoo School played a significant part in the mission history of China.  Following the end of the Second World War in 1945, and the liberation of the School, the original property was no longer available to the China Inland Mission.  The Chefoo School was re-opened temporarily at the Mission headquarters in Shanghai in the summer of 1946, and then was transferred to Kuling (today Lushan) when the Mission acquired the property of the former Kuling American School.  But following the Communist victory over Chiang Kai-shek in 1949, and the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China, all Westerners had to leave China.  The School at Kuling was formally closed early in 1951.

A recent exciting development has been the approval granted to the Yantai Museum to establish a Chefoo School exhibition, opening on March 28, 2018.  Ian Grant, a Director of the Chefoo Schools Association, has been invited to give an address at the opening ceremony, and he will be accompanied by three other China Chefusians.  This exhibition will be brought back to the museum on a rotational basis every two to three years.

You are welcome to contact Ian Grant at  Chefoo@rogers.com  if you would like any further information about this pending event.

While the primary focus of the exhibition is on the school at Yantai and Weihsien, the Museum is also interested in covering other locations such as Kiating, Shanghai and Kuling.

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