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Celebrating recovery in the Church

Prior to the advent of political change in Mongolia in 1990, the number of Christians in the country could probably have been counted on one hand. But in the decades that have followed, hundreds of indigenous Mongol churches have been established. Much of this church growth came about as believers lovingly ministered to those on the edges of society.

Ganaa had once been a raging alcoholic, a wife beater, and a hardened atheist. In desperation, his wife Enkhee took him to be prayed for by a Buddhist lama, but it didn’t halt the flow of vodka, or the beatings. Mercifully, Enkhee heard about a Christian meeting called Celebrate Recovery, set up to help just such people as Ganaa. He agreed to go. After months of attendance, Ganaa was fully set free from alcohol addiction and became a firm believer in Christ Jesus. The two of them joined a church fellowship, and before long Enkhee came to faith, too. Within a year, Ganaa was helping to lead worship, while Enkhee served with children’s church.

Later, their pastor urged Ganaa and Enkhee to go to a remote town where people have few opportunities to hear about Jesus, to help plant a church there. That meant they would have to move there, and their young son would have to go to a rural school where the education level was lower. After much prayer they decided to visit the town. On their arrival, a red faced drunk man staggered toward them. “What are you doing here?” he demanded. “We’re here to teach people about Jesus.” “Jesus! Hah! I don’t need another god. I need money. Can you help me?” “We cannot help you”, came the reply, “But Jesus can!”

Ganaa and Enkhee walked through the dusty streets and prayed: “Lord, people here need You – they need a church. Celebrate Recovery would be so good here. Please guide us, Lord God.”

Will you pray for Tibetan Buddhist Peoples?

Pray that:

  •  Many more evangelists and church planters will be sent out from Mongolian churches.
  • Those in bondage to addictions and other social ills will be set free in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Fellowships will yet be planted in the 100 or more remote counties of Mongolia still without a church.


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