Archive Category: Shinto

Japan Prayer Fuel December 2022

With tourists in Japan once again and large events being held, this December feels like the first  “almost normal” December since COVID began. In the

Religion in Japan

Most Japanese people identify themselves both as Buddhists and Shintoists. on the other hand, surveys have also consistently shown that only one-third of the people

Shintoism: unlucky years

In order to understand Shinto better, I have been translating a pamphlet I picked up at a Shinto Shrine. It is all about “Unlucky Years.”

Japan: where the good people are

People in Japan are so good! Among nations that have at least 10 million in population, Japan has the lowest crime rate. The rest of

One God or millions?

During a break from ministry in Japan I recently took a trip with Sachi,* a non-Christian Japanese friend. During our journey we visited a shrine.

Ogres on aisle two

It started out like most of my early adventures at grocery gathering in Japan. Shopping basket dangling from one elbow, I pushed our one-year-old son’s

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