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Spinning Plates

I’m sure you’ve seen those performers who spin plates. They balance plates on the top of sticks, adding more and more plates while continuing to

Expect to be humbled

Out of all the changes that come with becoming a missionary in Japan, this one hits me hardest: frequently feeling humiliated. The things I used

Japan: What to know before you go

Want to get prepared to serve God’s kingdom in Japan? Great! Here are some things to think about. I once asked a Japanese minister from

Japan Prayer Fuel August 2023

Summer brings both ministry opportunities and vacation. Please pray with us for OMF Japan leaders and missionaries to know God’s encouragement in ministry and refreshment on holiday and for the Lord to work for his glory.

Japan Prayer Fuel September 2023

This month sees various outreach events at different churches. Other events restart after the summer. Please join us in praying for the Lord to work in and through each of these and to call people to himself.

A Second Set of Firsts

Learning to talk, trying to make friends, starting your first day of school, getting a driver’s license, opening a bank account, and even paying taxes!

Moving Apartment and Other Mini Disasters

Japan is known for natural disasters. From earthquakes and tsunamis to typhoons and landslides, there are many potential disasters that missionaries in Japan need to

Lasting Hope that Overcomes

In March 2011, my husband and I were serving as church planters in Aomori in northeastern Japan when it was struck by the triple disaster

Empty Foundations and Eternal Perspective

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, empty foundations were a familiar sight along the 500-kilometer (310 miles) stretch of devastated coastline where

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