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Carving for Jesus

Dorje’s chisel is dull. He carries it over to the smithy, who heats it to a glowing red and hammers the tip back to a sharp point. The sharper the point, the better the mani stones [stone carvings] that are his livelihood. The market for Tibetan mantra carvings has been growing. As Tibetans have come into more wealth with the rising economic level of the entire country, they have had more discretionary income to spend on idols, god rooms, gold prayer wheels and other religious paraphernalia…like Dorje’s stone-carved Tibetan mantras.

A few years ago, a Jesus follower had the idea to ask Dorje to carve something different. He asked Dorje, “Can you carve ‘Savior Jesus is Lord?’” Dorje, indifferent to the content of his craft, said, “Of course.” A few years and a couple hundred “Savior Jesus is Lord” rocks later, the believer asked if Dorje needed prayer. He said no, but commented that his wife was deathly ill. They both went down to Dorje’s house a few hundred dusty meters away. The believer shared with them about the power and love of Jesus and then prayed for Dorje’s wife. It was like Peter’s mother-in-law in the gospel account: she got out of bed and began serving them immediately (Matthew 8:14). She felt so much better that the believer asked them, “Would you like this power and love to live inside you?” Suprisingly, the wife was not interested, but Dorje was convinced by the reality and authority of the Lord Jesus. He humbly put his faith in the Savior.

Dorje may still be the only believer in his village. And he still carves mani stones. Christians have continued to visit him and encourage his faith and each time he recounts the story of how Jesus Christ healed his wife, who is now completely healthy.

Will you pray for Tibetan Buddhis Peoples?  

Pray that

  • Dorje will grow in knowledge, faith, love and maturity.
  • He will have courage to lay down his business and instead lead other Tibetans to know what has been permanently chiseled on his new heart, that “Savior Jesus is Lord.”
  • God will manifest His power throughout the Skylands peoples.


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