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Canal clean-up

We minister in a urban poor community who live alongside a canal. This canal is smelly and full of trash, not great for those who live alongside us. As a team we spoke to the head of this community and were given permission to clean the canal. We arranged for the local municipality to help too, by providing trucks to remove the trash.
On the day that the cleaning took place we had about 50 people helping, inclusive of municipal workers, locals from the community and missionaries. Everyone worked well together and by lunch time the canal was looking remarkably better than we started, but sadly due to rain the job was not completely as well as we would have liked.
A highlight for us on the day was the opportunity to share about how Jesus cleans our hearts and washes our sins away. We spent about 10 minutes before we started the clean up sharing a poster preach story, which was well listened to and we had some good follow up conversations.
Please pray that the seeds that were sown on this day will bear abundant fruit for God’s kingdom.
Picture of Written by Bruce and Trish Bartleet
Written by Bruce and Trish Bartleet

Bruce and Trish Bartleet are OMF missionaries serving in Bangkok.

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