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Called to a more or less ordinary life

I am one of those people who made a choice (and relatively young): either work or family.

I wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon and go as a missionary to Asia. I knew that a job like that wasn’t worth my time if I had to take care of a family on top of it. There was bound to be something that would fall by the wayside. GIving up work is out of the question: I’m not going to spend 12 years of my life learning a trade in miserable conditions in order not to do it, Giving up family? Well, you don’t have children in order not to look after them. And taking care of them properly requires time and availability, something that is impossible to have with a job like this.

I had chosen the job, but God had another plan for me. Today I am a nurse. Well, I should say “I was”, because I don’t know when I’ll start again, or even if I’ll ever start again. I am a volunteer with OMF, whose aim is to share the gospel in Asia and the Asian diaspora (God’s plans, eh).

I got married 7 years ago, I have 2 beautiful children (for now ^^) and my family is what I invest my time and life in because I feel it is the most important thing. It is the second most important value (the first being Jesus).

I have no other ambition than to be a good wife and mother. And let’s be clear: “good” is CERTAINLY NOT society’s definition of good. I do not aspire to fame, nor to an ambitious career, nor to wealth. I long for truth, freedom, harmony and all that in CHRIST. And I am convinced that this is not only God’s will for me, but also a GOOD thing.

I’m obviously not saying that you can’t work or have ambitions as a woman (that’s all I need to know…). I’m just saying that this life is the life I’ve chosen and it’s as valuable as any other life, it’s as respectable as any other life, and it’s as worth living as any other life.

I want only one thing: to hear God say to me at the end of my life, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful in a few things; I will establish you in many. Enter into the joy of your master”.

Constance d’Oliveira

(translated from the French original)

Volunteer with OMF in France


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