Healthcare Missions

Before founding China Inland Mission, James Hudson Taylor studied medicine as a way to minister to the lost and hurting in China. He understood Jesus’ call to show compassion to the sick and provide hope for the hopeless.

As OMF continues to follow Hudson Taylor’s example, healthcare workers are bearing amazing fruit for the kingdom.

Much of East Asia is without modern medicine, and through our established ministries, we connect physicians, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare personnel with clinics and hospitals throughout the region. In addition to supporting a hospital-based ministry in Cambodia, we also send staff and professionals to help train local providers and work with churches to better meet healthcare needs in their own communities.

Most importantly, every healthcare missionary is building life-giving relationships and impacting lives for Christ.

What We Do

Our Vision

To see God glorified by restoring health and wholeness to the people of East Asia through compassionate healthcare that enables and enhances indigenous biblical church movements.

Our Mission

We raise awareness of health-related opportunities, mobilize healthcare professionals and provide resources for effective ministry to the glory of God.

Our Values

Modeling the compassion of Christ

Demonstrating the sanctity of every life in our attitudes and actions
Discovering and nurturing God’s purpose for individuals and communities

Addressing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs among the marginalized and unreached
Intentionally empowering nationals through teaching and mentorship

Partnering with evangelism and discipleship efforts



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