Stories of God’s faithfulness.

In locations throughout East Asia—Japan, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, and more—workers share the hope of Jesus with those whom God has brought into their lives. Children, the elderly, sportsmen, students, businessmen, grandmothers, migrant workers, and social outcasts are all given an opportunity to meet the one who can save. Their stories are stories of God’s faithfulness.

A Debt to the East

“We have a debt to the East,” was my parents’ reaction when I sensed God’s call to missions in Asia. During WW II one Japanese family lived in my father’s home town.  They became followers of [...]

Calling, God is Calling

By Cheryl B. God’s call began as an interest, a desire in my heart, as I recognized the need for people to hear about Jesus. I didn’t initially hear God say, “I want you to be a missionary.” [...]


It was in 2012, on my way back from a short-term missions trip, that I first heard God’s call to serve him full time. There were no details about when, where or what – simply Go back to [...]

Lighting the fire

Mobilization is a word that gets thrown around a lot in missions, but what exactly does it mean? For OMF, to mobilize is to light the fire for missions, calling God’s people to action to fulfill [...]

Donate. Encourage. Advocate.

—Verdell Goulding, Director of Mobilization The ministry of OMF International aims to address this spiritual inequality, that we know how to enter into a relationship with God while many East [...]

Who Are the Mongols?

The Mongols are a range of tribal groups that share a common heritage, culture and language. Genghis Khan united nomadic tribes and formed the Mongol Empire that eventually stretched from Eastern [...]


Rainy season in Thailand has officially started.If you haven’t experienced the thunderstorms and showers at night, you would notice God’s creation changing around you. Yellow paddy fields are [...]

Facing the Task at Hand

  Kevin and Jessica are OMF Canada’s newest appointees. Although Jessica has serving in mission full-time with OMF for the past two years, both her and Kevin felt that God was calling them [...]

A Day in the Life

The cocks crow and my neighbours are nattering outside- it’s only 5.30am but life starts with the sunrise, even in a big city. Happily, after 5 years in Vietnam I can sleep through the high [...]

A Treasury of Merit

From Tim and Brenda A couple of months ago, Tim met an elderly man on the street in front of the church. Uncle Lamyai, in his late 70’s, expressed interest in knowing more about Jesus. As they [...]

Hudson Taylor in the News

Following a press conference held yesterday in Markham, Fairchild TV aired this short clip during prime time news:   You can find the full story here. (Original Source: Fairchild TV) OMNI TV [...]

A Troubled Husband

Some years ago, a Tai Dam woman heard that Jesus could heal her husband. He had suffered for years and was considered crazy or possessed. They had spent lots of money and tried everything they [...]

More Than Conquerors

From the prayer letter of Timothy* and Mercy* Sam* is a young man and a committed Christian and actively involved in a Thai church. A few months ago, he was falsely charged of a crime. After [...]

In His Time

By Denise Davis I spent 3 weeks in northwest Asia teaching English language methods and socializing with local teachers in the Drylands. The population is made up mostly of a minority people [...]

Faith in Action

By Adeline*  I absolutely loved my time at James O. Fraser Centre (JOFC), serving in a two-year ESL and biblical discipleship program for tribal believers. One of the things I enjoyed the most [...]

More Like Jesus

By Jerome Perico Looking back a year ago to my experience in Japan, I think one of the unforgettable experiences I had there was the small church we stayed in at Ajigasawa. The day after the [...]

From Fear to Fierce

Photos and story by Jonathan Lau Our 2014 Sattha team in Thailand was 18 strong with team members from Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, England, Ireland, USA, and Canada. Our numbers and diversity [...]

Praying for Buddhists

by Alex Smith Praise the Lord of the Church that “a people for his name” will be established among every unreached Buddhist nation, tribe, people and tongue. (Revelation 7:9-10) Bind the forces [...]

Saturation Praying

by Dr. Will Bruce I. Saturation Praying Saturation praying is praying in which we share, then unite our hearts with other believers, and zero in on the target with specific and full coverage of [...]

The Prayer of Faith

by J. O. Fraser The first missionary to the Lisu people of the Upper Salween was going through a deep testing. It was not the privation, nor the loneliness of this isolated outpost, nor the [...]

God of the Speechless

A tearful mother and her only child sat on the bamboo platform outside their one-roomed shack in a village in the central plains of a Southeast Asian country. At nine years old, Mie Mie should [...]

A House Divided

Hoa is an energetic Christian businesswoman in Ho Chi Minh City, married with two young children. For all her liveliness, her eyes brim with tears whenever she talks about her children and how [...]

Bridging the Gap

Vietnamese people grow up with a mixture of traditional ancestor worship and folk Buddhism, in addition to the more recent communist atheistic teaching. Within their understanding, Ong Troi, or [...]

Tam’s “Adoption”

Tam came from a poor rural family. His parents already had seven older children, and Tam was just one too many in all the mouths they had to feed. Unable to care for him, his parents sent him to [...]

Local Law

Chau Seo Giao is a Hmong Christian leader in northern Vietnam. One day, the local authorities came to his house and took him away for interrogation. Chau was held for 24 hours without food or [...]

Theological Challenges

Lam became a Christian when he was 17. He moved to the town looking for a job and joined a house church there. Being the best educated among tem, he quickly ended up leading the group. Lam didn’t [...]

Who Shall I Marry?

The phone rang and on the other end was Thuy Anh. Though it was late at night, she couldn’t wait to share her news. Her parents had arranged for two American men to come to her home the next [...]

Against the Odds

Hang had always been a regular church member, but more and more she felt the Lord calling her to give up her job and devote herself to full-time ministry. She began to visit people in her local [...]

Converts or Disciples?

Attend services at any of Ho Chi Minh City’s larger churches and you are likely to witness a steady stream of people “praying the prayer” to receive Jesus as their Savior. Whether in regular [...]

The Prison Widow

By Rosemary Kane One afternoon, a young 24-year-old Hmong mother with two small children, showed up at our door. We had never met her before and had no idea who she was. After inviting her in, [...]

A Time to Die

by Johnny and Ann McClean Sompit put the gun in her handbag, climbed onto her motorbike, and began the slow deliberate journey to her death. Sompit’s whole body ached as she swept her house. Her [...]

A New Birth

After divorcing her husband, Sue, with her daughter, Tess, was barely surviving. On May 29, both of them were born again and became children of God. Hallelujah! Praise God who grants them eternal [...]

The Gospel Tooth

By Corrine Tucker, OMF short-term worker to Thailand I was definitely out of my comfort zone! Here I was in Thailand as a short-term worker helping to teach English. Not only am I not a teacher, [...]

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