The Muslim People of Southeast Asia 5x5x5 prayer guide

We invite you to pray for the Muslim People of Southeast Asia, for just five minutes a day, for five days, for five strategic areas. Your prayers will open doors in powerful ways, encourage believers, release strongholds and bring great glory to God.

The lands of Southeast Asia, with their rich history, tropical rain forests, green paddy fields and bustling mega-cities are home to over a quarter of a billion Muslims in over 250 different people groups. In a number of countries in the region, Muslim people are in the majority, enjoying many privileges but in other places, they are marginalized minorities. Some Southeast Asian Muslims are highly educated professionals, who study the holy writings in Arabic while others are subsistence laborers and farmers, whose faith is combined with animistic practices. Use this guide to step into the region and get to know the peoples who live and work there.

Day One: Family

Amir and Zainab share their small apartment with Zainab’s ageing mother, their daughter Aisha and her younger brother. Along with some 90% of their fellow Muslims,¹ they regard having a strong relationship with Allah as a top life priority alongside a good religious education for their children. Fashion-conscious Aisha is a diligent student, excelling in both mathematics and scripture recitation. Her brother is only interested in computer games and football. This understandably causes some family tensions.


Lord, we ask that Christian families living in Muslim communities will demonstrate loving relationships where men and women, elderly and children can all thrive.


Lord, we pray that husbands and wives be faithful to their marriage vows and would demonstrate love for each member of their families.


Lord, we thank you that your love, compassion and grace extends to all families, may it bring peace and harmony to family relationships.

¹ See page 77 of the report at

Day Two: Local Followers of Jesus

Maria is one of the few Christian students in her university in a country where the majority follow Islam. Instead of confirming prejudices against her faith group, Maria prays her life will be a godly witness to her classmates. She sometimes has the chance to pray with her Muslim friends about their health and personal problems. After his graduation, her brother felt called to remain among his Muslim neighbors and workmates to be a blessing to them. It was hard for him, to find employment as a Christian, but God has always provided.


Lord, we praise you for those courageous local believers who choose to live out their faith in Muslim communities. May they have the assurance of your presence and provision. May this provision be a demonstration of your power and love to their friends and neighbors.


Lord, thank you that you call followers of Jesus to live and work in the Muslim communities of Southeast Asia. Grant them opportunities to help their neighbors learn more of Jesus.


Lord, please give inner strength and courage to Christians when they face challenges as they live out their faith.

Day Three: Expat Workers

Tom left his own country to serve in a Muslim neighborhood along with his family. Through his passion for sport, Tom has built good relationships with several teenagers and their parents. They know he is a follower of Jesus, and he has become a trusted member of their community. Now they often ask him for advice about their life problems and he shares wisdom he has learned from Scripture with them.


Lord, thank you for the people you call to go and work in the Muslim communities of Southeast Asia. We pray that they can build good relationships where they live and for good cross-cultural communication.


Lord, we ask that you send more people to live among and bless the Muslim communities of Southeast Asia. Please enable good partnerships between local believers and those you send.


Lord, may Muslims who are thirsty to know more of your grace experience love. May they see your mercy at work in the followers of Jesus in their communities.

Day Four: Social Media

Rural Muslims, and those living in cities where there are very few followers of Jesus, may never meet and get to know Christians like Maria or Tom. Yet almost everyone owns a smart phone giving them a window to the larger world outside. Culturally sensitive Christian workers are writing social media posts to provide helpful advice on issues these Muslims face. Others are available to have conversations with those who enquire further and to help them learn more about Jesus.


Lord, thank you for the many ways people can learn more about Jesus even though they may not personally know one of his followers. Give those involved in these initiatives wisdom to use the opportunities well.


Lord, thank you people can learn more about Jesus on social media. We ask that many would read and share messages that will bring blessing to their communities.


Lord, we pray that you would call local believers in Jesus, who understand Muslim cultures, to partner in this work. Please give them your wisdom as they do so.

Day Five: Practical Blessings

Ridwan was a daily laborer. His wage, along with the money his wife earned from making and selling snacks, was just enough to provide for his young family. But one day an accident left him unable to work. His despair left him angry and depressed until he heard some stories of how Jesus cared for the poor and the sick. Realising that he and his family really mattered to God gave Ridwan new hope. When a local follower of Jesus offered practical help, he was able to see how he could work in business alongside his wife.


Lord, thank you that the Southeast Asian Muslims are learning about Jesus and how he cared for the poor and the sick.


Lord, we pray for Muslim peoples experiencing discrimination or persecution because of their religious or ethnic identities in Southeast Asia. Like Hagar (Genesis 16:13), may they discover that you value them and that you see and you care.


Lord, we pray that followers of Jesus will see practical ways they can bring blessing to their communities, families, and neighborhoods.

Next Steps

Is God drawing you to more focussed prayer or involvement with the Muslim peoples of Southeast Asia? Consider these additional ways to nurture God’s blessing among these peoples.

Go Deeper. Did you pray through this guide on behalf of someone you know? Maybe your church is preparing to send someone and you’ve picked up this booklet to better walk alongside them. Thank you for praying! If you’d like to explore other ways to support someone seeking to bless Muslims long-term or form a prayer group to meet and lift up the needs of these peoples contact your local OMF office for more prayer materials and ideas. Go to for more information on how to connect with our local offices.

Share. Could you learn more and help your friends or your church group discover the Muslim peoples of Southeast Asia? Visit to get more ideas.

Serve. Could you use your gifts and skills to bless the Muslim peoples of Southeast Asia. Would you like to learn more about opportunities in East Asia? We would love to talk with you. Contact your local center to start the conversation or visit

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