Growing a healthy church in Japan


Two years ago we made an outdoor playground at the church. In addition to the slide and playhouse we had an area where we decided to grow grass from seed. I discovered that there are 500,000 seeds per kilogram of grass seed. To plant the above area, we used a kilogram of seeds. We were glad that a sufficient number grew to produce a healthy lawn that is enjoyed by all.

I am unaware of how many seeds need to be planted to grow a healthy church. However we have found that an excellent way to get many seeds planted is through providing a variety of classes. Every week we hold classes of Pilates, ukulele, English, or some other language class, and afterwards we have an opportunity to sow gospel seeds during the Bible time.

Those times have led to roots and sprouts. The introduction to spiritual concepts and Biblical truth has led to spiritual conversations and one-to-one Bible studies. They’ve also lead to relationships that open doors to doing things with others like climbing a mountain or going to a beach together. These all provide more opportunities to plant seeds or to help the new sprout overcome barriers.

We are looking forward to a larger healthier church in Japan, but we know at this stage it will require many more seeds sown and cared for before we can see a healthy lawn.

By Martin, an OMF missionary


Will you pray for Japan?

  • For many more gospel seeds to be planted in Japan.
  • That those who hear the gospel will go on to maturity in Christ.
  • For more gospel-seed sowers in Japan.


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