“Graduating” … to new life

“Ha ha, we look like we are graduating from university!” The six from Fullness of Joy church put on the borrowed navy and red baptismal robes. Time to celebrate changed lives and newness of life in Christ.

Jasmine (a great fan of the Disney princess) stood when it was her turn to give a testimony of how her life had changed since knowing Jesus. Last year the girls in her grade 10 class decided to unfriend her and all of a sudden she was totally alone and excluded, ignored by the whole class. Around the same time, Jasmine’s mother met Pat, our church pastor and compulsive evangelist! First Jasmine’s mum started attending church and then she brought along Jasmine. Both of them found love, acceptance, belonging, and a new way of life. They both decided to follow Jesus.

Jasmine started talking to a girl at school who she saw was struggling. T.J was 15, had just had a baby, and had just broken up with the baby’s father. She was thinking of ending her life. Jasmine shared how she had found love and acceptance at church and she invited T.J. to come along.

As T.J. stood up to give her testimony, she shared how God had made a real difference in her life. She understood that she was loved and this had really helped her navigate the unexpected circumstances of her life, and gave her hope for the future. Please pray for the 6 new Christians at church, that they will grow in faith and understanding and continue to shine Jesus’ love into their families and communities.

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