Serving East Asians in Canada

Where do East Asians settle in Canada? Is the church reaching out to them in those locations? Where are the unreached areas in our country? What could we do together to reach out?

These are questions we all need to address. God is bringing East Asians to our doorstep and He has given us the opportunity to reach them here in Canada with the Good News.

According to the latest Canadian census, there are 2.7 million Canadians of East Asian origin. Much more research is needed.
We welcome partners to join us in these studies and in developing plans for reaching out to them.
As 85 million East Asians move around the world some will come to Canada. They will be open to new ideas, including Christianity. We have a great opportunity to share the gospel and our lives as we help them settle.

Connections East Asia can provide resources on:

  • worldviews and mindset of East Asians
  • key issues in evangelizing and discipling them
  • unique social, cultural, political, and religious influences involved
  • how to host effective Bible studies with East Asians
More than 60,000 post-graduate students, scholars, and business people come to Canada each year for a time. They are often more open to consider Christianity, but they need a chance to hear and to understand the gospel. In turn, they become ambassadors for the good news with their own people when they go back to East Asia.

Some of our most effective missionaries were once immigrants or children of immigrants. Our Diaspora Returnee Ministry seeks to reach these East Asians while they are here.

We share God’s love and connect them with churches in East Asia when they return to their home country.

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