What makes
OMF International unique?

As you consider joining a ministry organization, we encourage you to discover the different strengths of a variety of organizations. OMF International is one of many different agencies, each with their own unique strengths. We believe these are a few strengths of OMF International:

  • Extensive prayer base. From the beginning, OMF has had a focus on mobilizing prayer for ministry. Today, OMF has a team of prayer partners that circles the globe. Tens of thousands of people pray earnestly and effectively for East Asia’s peoples, our workers, and ministry.
  • Focus on unreached people groups. East Asia is the world’s most unreached region. OMF has a focus on more than 105 people groups in East Asia, representing 90% of East Asia’s 2 billion people.
  • Focus on church movements. How will 2 billion people in East Asia be reached, not just exposed to the gospel, but be discipled for Christ? Even if we had 5,000 workers, that would leave one worker for 400,000 people! That is why our vision is focused on encouraging biblical, indigenous church movements, not doing all the work ourselves.
  • Commitment to personal effectiveness. OMF’s most valuable asset is our 1,400 members and their spiritual vitality, gifts, skills, and relationships. We are committed to ensuring each member has the resources and opportunities to grow in all of these areas.
  • Fruitful relationships with national churches. We work hard to learn languages and respect the cultures of the people we serve. We enjoy an excellent relationship with national churches and those in areas where we are undertaking new ministries. We respect, serve, and partner with local churches and Christians wherever we work.
  • Diversity in unity. Multinational, multicultural, and multigenerational OMF team members come from 30 nationalities and span three adult generations. Our common bond is a love for Jesus Christ and a focus on reaching East Asia’s peoples.

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