About Serve Asia

Serve Asia is OMF’s short-term missions discipleship program that equips individuals for cross-cultural missions, giving them an opportunity to support long-term workers and catch a vision for potential long-term ministry.

  • Participate in an individual or team placement in Asia. Find out more about Serve Asia Opportunities here.
  • Catch a vision for future long-term ministry.
  • Support long-term workers on the field.
  • Use your skillset and passion to serve God.
  • Be part of a discipleship community where individuals both locally and abroad invest in your journey.

As part of the missions discipleship program, the Serve Asia team is not only invested in individuals while they are on the field, but also in training participants before they go and then debriefing them when they return to Canada. Our hope is that individuals cultivate a lifelong desire to serve God and share the good news wherever He leads them.

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Serve Asia Process

1) Application

Submit application form, 3 references, create a profile, and complete an interview. Request an application here.

2) Preparation and Training

Prayerfully read through preparation materials and participate in a Serve Asia Training. Training for individual placements run as needed throughout the year.

3) Service Time

Travel to and serve in East Asia. In addition to serving in Asia, you will also receive both on-field training and debrief in your host country as part of the discipleship journey in a cross-cultural setting.

4) Debrief

Re-entry preparation and Serve Asia Debrief. Debriefing for individual placements run as needed throughout the year. At Serve Asia debrief, Serve Asia Workers (SAWs) begin to process their overseas experiences while prayerfully creating goals for next steps.

5) Integration

The Serve Asia team commits to continue communication with each SAW for three months after your arrival home to encourage long-term impact of the Serve Asia experience. Stay connected with us through events, prayer groups and resources. Find opportunities to share and mentor others interested in missions.

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Inquirers Coordinator
Tel: 905.568.9971
Toll Free: 1.888.657.8010

Applications are due 2–3 months prior to your date of departure.
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