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Completing our mission in East Asia requires people to go—people willing to enter into the lives of others to bring them the hope of the gospel, and people who are willing to leave behind the familiar and comfortable in order to live out their calling. OMF International depends upon God for partners who will journey with us. We persistently seek the Lord for new and creative ways to enable our workers to go and remain on the field. There are many ways to give to support these workers, their ministry projects and the initiatives of OMF International—all to bring hope to billions of unreached in East Asia.

Giving Online

Interac e-Transfer

Pre-Authorized Giving

Giving by Cheque

Stock and Other Gifts

Revocable Gifts

Giving Online


We are very grateful for your partnership with us in giving online to our ministries. 

To further enhance your ability to give online, we have decided to partner with CanadaHelps, a Canadian charity dedicated to making it easier to donate online. CanadaHelps allows you to give using a wider range of payment methods, and you can set up and manage your own recurring donation schedule(s). You can find out more about CanadaHelps here.

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Thank you for your support of God’s work through OMF International.

Regarding credit card and debit card donations: OMF Canada is charged a 2.5–3% fee by bank and credit card institutions to process these transactions. To avoid this charge, we offer the option of giving by pre-authorized giving.

Spending of funds is confined to programs and projects approved by OMF Canada. Each contribution designated towards such an approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by OMF Canada, the remaining contributions will be used where needed most.

If you have any questions about online giving, please email us or call 1.888.657.8010.

Interac e-Transfer

If you reside in Canada, you can also opt to donate by Interac e-Transfer. Your bank should recognize that auto-deposit is turned on and not ask you to give a security question and answer. If your bank does ask for a security question, then it means the various systems aren’t talking to each other correctly. Wait about 10 minutes and try again. If you continue to have difficulties, please be in touch with us.

  1. Email your transfer to ca.donations@omfmail.com.
  2. In the message to the recipient, please indicate what the transfer is for:
    • For donations please indicate the missionary name, or project, or other intended purpose (i.e. like “General Fund”);
    • For books purchase: the invoice number or other identifying information
    • For a stay at the guest home: please indicate.
  3. When making a transfer on behalf of someone else or as a new donor, please indicate the actual senders: name, mailing address, and email.

Pre-authorized Giving

Save time, effort, postage, and bank charges with pre-authorized giving! Use the Pre-Authorized Giving Plan (PGP) to help direct more resources to reach East Asia’s peoples. OMF Canada’s PGP is a direct arrangement with your personal bank to transfer your donation automatically. If you choose this convenient method of giving, your gift will be safely transferred to OMF Canada by your bank. You will receive a receipt from OMF Canada and your donation will be listed on your bank statement, just as though you had written a cheque. It is that simple.

With pre-authorized giving you retain control of your contributions to OMF Canada. You can increase, decrease, or cancel your contribution by contacting our Finance Department. You will receive your receipts along with our deepest appreciation for your loyal and generous contributions to our work in East Asia. It will take three to six weeks to initiate your automatic donations. Then, around the 16th of each month, your account will be debited for the amount you indicated on the enrollment form. You never have to worry about overlooking a contribution or mailing it on time. Administrative time and costs are reduced, maximizing your gifts, and furthering our urgent efforts to bring hope to billions.

If you have any questions about the Pre-Authorized Giving Plan, please email us or call 1.888.657.8010.

Option 1: Register by Mail 

  1. Click here to download the form.
  2. Be sure to save the PDF to your desktop
  3. Open the PDF and complete it.
  4. Print out the completed form, then sign and date it.
  5. Mail the form to us as indicated in the form along with your chequing account voided cheque or a saving account deposit slip. We will take care of setting up the PGP arrangement with your bank.

Option 2: Register Online

  1. Visit our CanadaHelps donation page.
  2. Select the fund you would like to donate towards.
  3. Follow instructions on the page to set up pre-authorized donations.

Giving By Cheque

Thank you for your support of God’s work through OMF Canada. Please make your cheque payable to “OMF International – Canada”.

To meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements, please do not put the missionary’s name anywhere on the cheque. The written note is all that is needed to indicate your giving preference. Please indicate your giving preference (name of missionary, project, or General Fund donation, et cetera) on a separate written note. We are unable to accept personal gifts.

We will send you an acknowledgement letter with a tear-off portion to send with your next gift, along with a return envelope. A consolidated annual donation receipt will be sent in January of the following year for tax purposes.

When you provide a cheque as a donation, you authorize us to use information from your cheque to process the payment as a cheque transaction.

Mail your cheque to: OMF International – Canada, 10 Huntingdale Blvd, Scarborough, Ontario, M1W 2S5.

Stock and Other Gifts

For information and questions about how to make other gifts to OMF Canada, such as gifts of real estate or publicly traded stocks, or for the particular kinds of non-cash donations that we are able to accept, please email or call us at 1.888.657.8010.

Revocable Gifts

Estate and Planned Giving is an important part of building your personal legacy—a legacy that will make an eternal difference by reflecting God’s priorities in your life.

We offer revocable gift agreements to this end. A revocable gift is an income-producing property or estate loaned to OMF Canada in trust. It is still owned by the donor so that any income produced by the property or estate at the time of OMF Canada’s management can be claimed by the donor. The donor can request to have the property or estate back, revoking the gift, at any point of time.

We will require 30 days’ notice in a written form in order to return the gift.

For information and questions about Revocable Gifts, email or call us at 1.888.657.8010.


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