Working with God and
asking Him for everything

“If the work is at the command of God, then we can go to Him in full confidence for workers; and when God gives the workers, we can go to Him for means to supply their needs.” — Hudson Taylor

What is OMF’s Financial Policy?

Throughout our years as the China Inland Mission and later as OMF International, confidence in the faithful provision of a loving Heavenly Father has supported the plans and ministry of thousands of OMF missionaries.

This foundational principle has been applied in different ways as leaders have responded to various ministry opportunities, as well as the needs of sending churches, individual donors, and prayer partners.

Our 1400 OMF members serving as either missionaries or professional service associates are ready to demonstrate Christ’s love. They share the gospel, mentor new believers, and start new churches where none have previously existed. Every month God is opening new doors and calling new members to join in this endeavour.

However, East Asia still remains the world’s most untouched continent.

How will the Lord provide the financial needs of an ever-growing ministry? In the same way that He provided the means for new outreach in 1880, in 1930, and today—through the sacrificial gifts of His people.

How can I learn about OMF’s needs?

OMF workers do not make appeals on their own behalf or on behalf of OMF. However, we are always happy to answer your questions or give clarification about the support levels of any worker.

If you are committed to praying for an OMF worker and sign up to receive their prayer letters, we can send you an annual summary of their support needs for your prayers upon request.

How do I support a particular OMF worker?

You may do this by specifically naming the person and making your gift either through your church or directly to OMF Canada.

Although you may make a gift for the support of a particular OMF worker, your gift is payable to OMF Canada and administered in line with our policy of corporate sharing. The person whose name you have mentioned will be informed of your support.

Donor Designated Funds Policy

Spending of funds is confined to programs and projects approved by OMF Canada. Each restricted contribution designated towards such an approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by OMF Canada, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where needed most.

Revocable Gifts Agreement Policy

A revocable gift is an income producing property or estate loaned to OMF Canada in trust. It is still owned by the donor so that any income produced by the property or estate at the time of OMF Canada’s management can be claimed by the donor. The donor can request to have the property or estate back, revoking the gift, at any point of time.

We require 30 days’ notice in a written form in order to return the gift.

Pre-Authorized Giving Plan Policy

The Pre-Authorized Giving Plan is approved by Canadian banks, trust companies, credit unions, and Caisses Populaires.

For more information on Pre-Authorized Giving Plans and a downloadable form, click here.

How can I give?

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