The Task Unfinished

Join the Global Movement — February 21, 2016

Facing A Task Unfinished was written by CIM Missionary to China and Bishop of Sichuan, Frank Houghton, later to become CIM General Director. It has become a much treasured mission hymn, inspiring many to consider the call to “Go and make Him known”.

Join with us for the world-wide song launch on 21 February 2016!

We’re really excited to be able to share the new version of Facing a Task Unfinished and a special event with you.  This comes at a time when OMF General Director, Patrick Fung, has issued a call for increased effort and resources to face “The Task Unfinished” among East Asia’s people.

Modern hymn writers, Keith and Kristyn Getty, have re-worked Frank Houghton’s much loved mission hymn, Facing a Task Unfinished, adding a new chorus in a way that suits a contemporary church music band.

We’re partnering with them to launch the song world-wide on 21 Feb 2016 in a global event we are calling The Task Unfinished. We pray that this will be a global movement towards completing the Church’s mission.

We’d love your church to be involved by incorporating the song in their worship on 21 February 2016 and taking the opportunity to feature mission in the service.

By signing up you can download a special live recording of the song online. Encourage your worship leaders and pastors to sign up to participate here: – when they do, they will get the free music scores and event resources they will need to lead the song. We’re working on translations of the song too.

Follow Keith and Kristyn Getty, OMF International on Facebook and share what you are doing using the hashtag #TheTaskUnfinished on social media.

The Task Unfinished

Keith & Kristyn Getty’s New Version

In 2013 Keith and Kristyn asked OMF if they could bring the song up to date for a contemporary audience, and began work with their team on introducing a chorus and updating the arrangement to suit a modern church band.

They completed the new hymn in time for a 150th Anniversary celebration for OMF workers in Thailand, summer 2015.

Since then, it has been added to the Getty’s Fall Tour song list and has been sung at many OMF celebration and events beyond.

“We are delighted to introduce this missions hymn to a new generation with the prayer it will be an anthem for rising up to face the unfinished task and going to all the world to proclaim salvation in Jesus’ name.” —Keith and Kristyn

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