Winnipeg? Charlottetown? Moosejaw?

Where do East Asians settle in Canada? Is the church reaching out to them in those locations? Where are the unreached areas in our country? What could we do together to reach out? These are questions we all need to address. God is bringing East Asians (and others) to our doorsteps and has given us the opportunity to reach them here in Canada with the Good News.

According to the latest Canadian census, there are 2.7 million Canadians of East Asian origin. In 2013 over 260,000 permanent residents immigrated to Canada with 72,000 being East Asians. Immigrants from China and the Philippines account for 64,000 of these.

Research is important to assess the current demographics of East Asians in Canada so we are able to help the Canadian church be more effective in reaching East Asians in their area. Much more study is needed and we welcome partners to join us in these studies and in developing plans for reaching out to them.

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