Scattered to be gathered

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Through God’s grace, we aim to see an indigenous, biblical church movement in each East Asian diaspora across Canada, evangelizing locally and reaching out in mission globally.


We share the heart of the missio Dei with East Asian diasporas across Canada to the glory of God.

Building bridges between cultures

As 85 million East Asians move around the world some will come to Canada. Often those who move here will, at first, be open to new ideas, including Christianity. But they need a chance to hear and to understand the good news. We Canadians have a great opportunity to share the gospel and our lives as we help them settle and adjust to life in a new country. Regardless of their duration of stay, we have the privilege of being able to support, grow, and even disciple these East Asians as they study, find jobs, and start families.

We can help you and the Canadian church in reaching East Asians in your local neighbourhood. We can provide information and resources as well as seminars on:

  • worldviews and mindset of East Asians
  • key issues in evangelizing and discipling them
  • unique social, cultural, political, and religious influences involved
  • how to facilitate effective Bible studies with East Asians

How can I help?

Do you have a passion for helping the Canadian church reach out to East Asians here? Let’s work together! Contact to find out how you can partner with us.

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