Rainy season in Thailand has officially started.If you haven’t experienced the thunderstorms and showers at night, you would notice God’s creation changing around you. Yellow paddy fields are [...]

A Treasury of Merit

From Tim and Brenda A couple of months ago, Tim met an elderly man on the street in front of the church. Uncle Lamyai, in his late 70’s, expressed interest in knowing more about Jesus. As they [...]

A Troubled Husband

Some years ago, a Tai Dam woman heard that Jesus could heal her husband. He had suffered for years and was considered crazy or possessed. They had spent lots of money and tried everything they [...]

Faith in Action

By Adeline*  I absolutely loved my time at James O. Fraser Centre (JOFC), serving in a two-year ESL and biblical discipleship program for tribal believers. One of the things I enjoyed the most [...]

From Fear to Fierce

Photos and story by Jonathan Lau Our 2014 Sattha team in Thailand was 18 strong with team members from Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, England, Ireland, USA, and Canada. Our numbers and diversity [...]

A New Birth

After divorcing her husband, Sue, with her daughter, Tess, was barely surviving. On May 29, both of them were born again and became children of God. Hallelujah! Praise God who grants them eternal [...]

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