A Debt to the East

“We have a debt to the East,” was my parents’ reaction when I sensed God’s call to missions in Asia. During WW II one Japanese family lived in my father’s home town.  They became followers of [...]


Rainy season in Thailand has officially started.If you haven’t experienced the thunderstorms and showers at night, you would notice God’s creation changing around you. Yellow paddy fields are [...]

A Treasury of Merit

From Tim and Brenda A couple of months ago, Tim met an elderly man on the street in front of the church. Uncle Lamyai, in his late 70’s, expressed interest in knowing more about Jesus. As they [...]

A Troubled Husband

Some years ago, a Tai Dam woman heard that Jesus could heal her husband. He had suffered for years and was considered crazy or possessed. They had spent lots of money and tried everything they [...]

More Than Conquerors

From the prayer letter of Timothy* and Mercy* Sam* is a young man and a committed Christian and actively involved in a Thai church. A few months ago, he was falsely charged of a crime. After [...]

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