We are the Shan!

Nuu held up a large picture of the Buddha in front of Seng Wan, and said firmly, ‘We are Shan, this is what we believe!’ Her friend had just returned from a Christian conference and was showing [...]

The Tipping Point?

Due to the anti-government protests of 2007 and the reaction of the authorities, Myanmar suddenly became front-page news last September. Months later, with the world still watching, the U.S., UK [...]

Back from the Brink

Susie stood at the window of her fifth floor apartment in despair. She owed a huge amount of money which she could never pay back. If she jumped and killed herself, the problem would go away. But [...]

A Song in the Shadows

Daniel had only heard the rumors, but as he entered his hotel in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, a young man invited him to witness the event himself. “Want to come play music with us?” the [...]

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