A Wedding Rescued

Sprinkled with several laugh-out-loud anecdotes, Tony Schmidt’s book, Jesus Did Many Other Things as Well, describes what it’s like to serve in Japan, Japanese culture, western-eastern [...]

More Like Jesus

By Jerome Perico Looking back a year ago to my experience in Japan, I think one of the unforgettable experiences I had there was the small church we stayed in at Ajigasawa. The day after the [...]

Mrs. Kamei’s Funeral

by Ralph and Miho Clatworthy, OMF missionaries to Japan One of the hardest to reach “people groups” in any country is the elderly. This is especially true in Japan, a country influenced by the [...]

Emiko’s Parents

By Steve Weemes, OMF missionary to Japan “I’m in bed with the flu, and, no, I do not want to go to Emiko’s apartment to tell her parents about Jesus.” “OK,” Kathi said, “I’ll ask her if we can [...]

A Changed Life

By Steve Weemes, OMF International missionary to Japan For some people in Japan, their room is their world. Shion is a young Christian who yearned to get into one of the top colleges in Japan. [...]

Pray and Serve

By Keith Olson Last summer, Celia and Keith Olson, first-term OMF International missionaries to Japan, had the opportunity to go to Miyako and give out relief supplies, pray for and simply be [...]

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