Voyage to China

by Ronald Clements, UK “The wind whistles shrilly through the rigging, the sails roar again with the violence of the wind and rain, the masks crack, the ship reels and lies over, and the [...]

The Trio and Topsy

Penge, South London, February 5, 1998… The funeral of an elderly woman, daughter of a Mongolian Chief father and a Tibetan mother. An unusual event in itself, even for our cosmopolitan [...]

Small and Weak?

by Gary Clayton, Managing Editor of East Asia’s Billions On June 3, 1905 OMF’s founder James Hudson Taylor breathed his last. Although the mission he founded eventually had to leave [...]

Death to the Foreigner!

by Gary Clayton Hopes were high as the new century dawned. Few had any idea that the most severe blow ever dealt to Protestant missions would soon engulf China. The white-haired Chinese pastor [...]

The Broomhalls and China

By Dr. Wesley Wei (Professor of History at Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan) Translated from the Chinese by Irene Li Devoted to Serving China for Generations In the history of China Inland [...]

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