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What Thankfulness Can Do

What’s the first phrase you learned in Japanese? Even people with nearly zero Japanese language ability may know “thank you” — arigatou gozaimasu. As a new

Thankful on Challenging Days

Upon arriving in Japan, I was brimming with gratitude and a profound sense of awe at the opportunity to serve as a missionary among the

Expect to be humbled

Out of all the changes that come with becoming a missionary in Japan, this one hits me hardest: frequently feeling humiliated.

Spinning Plates

I’m sure you’ve seen those performers who spin plates. They balance plates on the top of sticks, adding more and more plates while continuing to

Biblical Unity

How is true biblical unity possible? Mura-hachibu was a practice in Edo Japan of ostracizing any family or individual who did not comply with village

Unity as delicious as bibimbap

Among Korean dishes, I like a dish called bibimbap. “Bibim” means mixing, and “bap” is rice. Bibimbap is made by frying various colorful vegetables and

Building trust-filled community

Before coming to Japan, my wife and I prayed that we could serve alongside Japanese Christians and learn from a Japanese pastor. After language school

Knowing Who to Thank

When we were studying Japanese, one day I told my teacher that my husband did the washing. She corrected me because I had failed to

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