Rallying Round

The motorbike whizzed around the corner. It was going too fast and couldn’t stay in its lane. From the opposite direction came Jane and Quinn, along with their driver. The high-speed impact was [...]

A New Sister

By Connie Orr Hannah* began coming to Sunday worship about a year ago. Because she is bright, outgoing and speaks good English, she was quick to make many friends at our church, Prinsep Street [...]

Think Horses

by a family serving in southwest China Often God chooses to work when his people “show up” and go where he leads. Their presence and offering what they have and know to those who need it, points [...]

Going the Extra Mile

The girl was among the best students in her class. It was a class for Yi girls who were able to go school because of a tuition scholarship. Otherwise, they would be forced to quit school and help [...]

"A Work Started"

by a couple in their first year teaching English in China During final exams and Christmas parties, I found myself trudging up the hill saying, “God I’ve started something I [...]

God Can

by James Hudson Taylor IV In September 1807, 25-year-old Robert Morrison boarded a ship for the seven-month voyage from England to the port of Guangzhou in China. The first Protestant missionary [...]

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