Yun, Jesus is Calling

In February we began visiting Yun, sitting with her in her broken wooden shack, listening to her story, crying with her and praying for the Holy Spirit to break through into her life. She joined [...]


Chandi, who comes from Snuol, is 16. Having heard about Jesus, she became convinced that only he could save her from sin and death. But, being an obedient daughter, she asked her mother’s [...]


Nita came running through the church gates with a big smile on her face, “They’re coming!” she shouted. As the feet-washing ceremony began, Nita sat watching the others wash their [...]

First Prayer

By Brianna Martin Nathan and Brianna Martin have served in Cambodia with OMF International since 2009. They recently moved to Snuol in the eastern part of the country near the Vietnam border. [...]

Will God Forgive?

By Nathan Martin From 1975-1979, an estimated 2 million people were killed in Cambodia under Pol Pot’s harsh Khmer Rouge regime. The scars from that time remain in the country today. Below is a [...]

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