All in God’s perfect timing

After our Christmas outreach in the number 26 urban poor community 3 ladies said that they were interested knowing more about who Jesus is and so we invited them to our weekly bible study. One lady came once and decided she was no longer interested. Two weeks prior to our recent meeting Aunt A gave me a very blunt answer to my question about whether she was to attend that day. She answered: “I have things to do!”. My conclusion was she is no longer interested. Converting from Buddhism that she has followed for the past 70 years and accepting Jesus is not an easy transition.

I arrived at the number 26 community for our weekly Bible study along with two congregation members, Mair and Pom, from the Thai Church my wife and I attend. They were interested to see what urban poor ministry was about. We arrived at 9:30 and to our surprise Aunt A and a few of the other members of our bible study were already waiting. The bible study is at 10am, so they were all early this week.

As the meeting progressed Aunt A started asking more and more questions, not just related to the bible story we were studying, but more to do with what does being a Christian? How do you pray? Where did the evil spirits come from? How do you know that Jesus is real? and many more.

By the end of the meeting Aunt A had heard 4 testimonies from Thai believers, many answers to her many questions, far too muh for her to absorb all the truth that was shared and she had been gently taught by May how to start praying on her own. It’s a joy to see how God orchestrates his plan and uses all his children including visitors to help others to come to know him.

Aunt A is not a Christian yet, she has said that she is not ready to make this commitment yet. But it is encouraging to see how her hunger for the truth has increased. I had written her off and thought she was not interested, but the Lord is the one who keeps transforming her heart.

I was reminded that as a Christians we are called to be faithful. Faithful in continuing to pray for people’s transformation even when we cannot see evidence of transformation, it is God’s timing that is important. Taking each person on a journey to help them discover who he is.

Written by Bruce Bartleet

Bruce is an OMF missionary serving in Bangkok, Thailand

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