Hudson Taylor

James Hudson Taylor was born on May 21, 1832, into a family that prayed together and spoke often of other countries that had not heard the word of God. Yet when he was 17, he chose not to follow the God his family knew.

CIM/OMF History

The China Inland Mission (CIM) was established by James Hudson Taylor on June 25, 1865. Eager to reach the inland provinces of China with the gospel, the mission prayed hard and sent out waves of workers to China throughout the late nineteenth century.


OMF International is blessed with a rich and inspiring history. For 150 years OMF International fieldworkers have labored for God’s glory in East Asia. Originally founded as the China Inland Mission, we have been known as OMF since 1964. This section contains quotes from some of the early pioneers of OMF International’s past. Read and be encouraged in your faith today.

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