What We Do

What does it look like to accomplish our mission of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with East Asia’s peoples to the glory of God? Our primary work in Canada is to mobilize people to go, pray, or take intentional steps toward God with the aim of fulfilling His mission.

Where We Serve

OMF International is an inter-denominational and international fellowship serving in 14 East Asian nations, with various diaspora ministries in places like North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. Workers and prayer are mobilized from 18 home centres throughout the world. Our international headquarters is located in Singapore.

Organizational Structure

OMF Canada is led by Jon Fuller, our National Director with a National Leadership Team and oversight by an OMF Canada Board of Directors. The National Leadership Team sets long-term goals and strategies in the fulfilling of our Mission. The National Office is in Mississauga Ontario. OMF Canada is broken down into 7 regions with oversight in each region by a Regional Director and Ministry Coordinator. Each region has support from key advocates, mobilizers and volunteers in the carrying out of all matters in the Region.

Positions in Canada

Growing out of the same passion God placed in the heart of our founder, Hudson Taylor, OMF International has served the people of East Asia with the love of Christ for 150 years and going. We further that purpose through mobilizing new workers and partners for God’s harvest field while supporting those already serving. Find out how you can join us today!

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