Are missionaries different from pastors? A Profile of Angel McCallum

Photo above: Steve and Angel visiting Ta (boy in blue shirt) and his grandparents.

Angel is from Pattani, Thailand, a province known for roti and extremist violence. Angel’s journey to missions began with her mother coming to faith through OMF missionaries as a teenager. The road wasn’t easy, however, as her Buddhist stepfather wouldn’t allow the family go to church. But when he passed away when she was 12, the family returned to church and Angel came to Christ and was baptized by an OMF missionary.

Angel was impressed by the example of missionaries around her as she grew up but didn’t understand that missionaries were different from pastors, that they had two distinct roles. She also didn’t realize just how few people around her had heard the gospel. It was only after experiencing the joy of heaven – leading a student to Christ while she was also a student – that she began to have the desire to reach her own people. Just before graduating in Engineering Business from Silpakorn University near Bangkok, she met the director of OMF Thailand at a conference. When he found out Angel was interested in doing a year of mission service, he asked Jeff Callow to meet with her. Jeff was the OMF South Thailand regional leader, whom Angel already knew since childhood. Angel felt God lead her to join the OMF South Thailand team for a year.

Angel began serving in Nakhon Si Thammarat in August of 2016. Two weeks later, Steve, a new missionary from Canada, arrived from language school. In her first two years of service, she would help in four church planting locations in Nakhon Si Thammarat, including Phrom Khiri where Steve had just started church planting with another family.

Angel enjoys fellowship with Sa on her lunch break.

Soccer Ministry with Ta (boy in blue shirt) and Friends.

Since their marriage in August of 2018, Angel and Steve have continued church planting in Phrom Khiri, a district of 40,000 that had no church and only a half-dozen Christians. After one year, they returned to Canada for a year where Angel became a full member of OMF. They returned to Phrom Khiri in September of last year and Angel has been excited to share the Gospel and see ladies coming to Christ.

Their vision is to see multiplication of disciples and groups of Christians permeating Phrom Khiri and spreading beyond by training local Christians to reach their family and neighbours and to build up one another in their faith. They are presently having church in the homes of Christians and endeavouring to start house churches in the homes of new believers.

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