“Noon Zoom” Prayer Times at OMF Canada

Prayer has always been a regular daily practice for the staff at the National Office as we intercede for OMF colleagues around the world, but especially in East Asia.

When COVID-19 swept into Canada we all went home to work. Had the lockdown occurred even a few years ago, our prayer times might have dwindled with few people able to take part.

But, in 2020, this did not happen — we were able to more than continue via Zoom video conferencing. Other OMF Canadian ministry workers were invited to join us, which they did. There was a sense of wanting to be together, of needing to pray and seeking God in these unusual days. So, rather than seeing our prayer times decline, they actually expanded with folks joining us beyond our office, from all across Canada.

Instead of the usual 12 office participants we currently average around 20 — sometimes up to 24.  Ministry workers, office staff, and prayer group leaders from across the country are now familiar faces of the team, meeting every day on what has been dubbed “Noon Zoom.” These meetings usually go beyond our usual time limits, as folks enjoy fellowship both before and after.

 Praise God for how He is working.

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