OMF Canada Amidst COVID

By Richard Schlitt, National Director The world is so different! The things we used to do, which we considered essential, are no longer possible.  For OMF Canada, face-to-face meetings and [...]

A Wedding Rescued

Sprinkled with several laugh-out-loud anecdotes, Tony Schmidt’s book, Jesus Did Many Other Things as Well, describes what it’s like to serve in Japan, Japanese culture, western-eastern [...]

Born in Hong Kong

By a concerned Canadian Like many who grew up in Hong Kong, I have a keen interest in what is happening to this little island. I am deeply saddened by the changes that have taken place over the [...]

Three New Books at OMF

By Rob Robotham, OMF Books and Resources Coordinator During the summer, three new books have arrived in the OMF “bookroom.” Two are concerned with OMF history and biographies, while another is a [...]

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