From the Ashes: Aomori Christian Centre

“I attended Bible camps at the Aomori Christian Center from the time I was in third grade all the way through my last year of high school. This brings back so many memories. It was also here that I first confessed: ‘I believe in Jesus.’ May this place be used of the Lord more and more in years to come!”

The above comment was left on our Aomori Christian Center Facebook page. More recently, we received word from the thrilled parents of some teenage boys who attended our teen Bible camp this summer: “They are so changed! They came back excited to study the Bible more rigorously.”

The Aomori Christian Center (ACC) in Japan was started some 50 years ago with a mission to strengthen the churches of Aomori Prefecture through evangelism, Bible teaching, and Christian fellowship. Located in a region where only 1 in 500 people profess faith in Jesus Christ, the average church attendance is 25 persons per church, and 89 percent of pastors are over the age of 50, our partnership is vital to the local churches. Our vision is to expand the ministry of ACC beyond the role of hosting Bible camps and church retreats by establishing a weekend Bible school and partnering with local churches in their own communities, helping them to start and run Bible clubs, English classes, student outreach ministries, and more.

Currently, our biggest challenge is our aging facilities. Our main building was condemned after a fire in 2014. By God’s grace we have gone from total closure to operating at about 25 percent capacity. Generous donations from individuals in Canada have enabled us to winterize our two camp cabins and install a kitchen unit. We now look to the Lord to provide for the construction of our new main building (roughly $634,000 CAD for Phase 1), which will enable ACC to continue into the next 50 years and beyond.

Please pray for

  • financial provision for the construction of our new main building
  • safety as we pioneer new ministry programs under challenging conditions
  • strong partnerships with local churches

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