Yun, Jesus is Calling

In February we began visiting Yun, sitting with her in her broken wooden shack, listening to her story, crying with her and praying for the Holy Spirit to break through into her life. She joined a group who listened, week by week, to the story of salvation beginning at Genesis. Often she was listless, lifeless and sad… but still she came. Many times she was drunk; once she stood up in the group and started shouting at and cursing me. But we kept visiting her.

We discovered that her young son was in jail and she had no money to travel to the jail to visit him nor to pay the bribes required to get inside. We wanted to help. The day came to take her and as her tiny body sat on the back of the bike she was full of questions, nervous, with no ID papers and unconvinced that the whole arrangement would work. Wonderfully, with the help of the NGO, we were able to enter the prison without paying a single bribe and we were able to find her son who had tried to vanish by changing his name. As we left the prison she marvelled. We gave glory to Jesus. All the time we prayed—not that she would be grateful to us but that this act of love and service would lead her to Jesus.

The very next week she came to church. So we thank Jesus and that he is calling her to himself and that he is graciously using our acts of love and service.

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