From Here to There, a Journey with God

By Jasmine K.

From the time I was a little girl, I cherished hours spent outdoors exploring natural habitats and investigating every little creature that crossed my path. I delighted in the wonders of creation. As I discovered who spoke all of creation into being, I developed a curiosity in getting to know its Author.

My dream was to study wildlife and marine ecosystems. In university, I pursued a degree in conservation biology and then began my career working alongside others who shared my fascination with the created world.  Working within a multi-disciplinary team focused on addressing food system issues, I began to learn the complexities of challenges from the individual to global scale. For example, “If we have more than enough food to feed every person on the planet then why are there still so many hungry people?” (Answer: Power. Greed.) God challenged me in this season to wrestle with biblical justice and with His invitation for us to respond to what is unjust.

My response led me to the Philippines. There I encountered both the brokenness of people and in the land. I could see the pain of humanity and the destruction of things that humanity was meant to protect and care for. At the same time, God revealed clearly that He pursues the vulnerable and the broken. God is a Redeemer of the broken and His love is unconditional.

Upon returning from the Philippines, I joined OMF Canada, moved to the west coast and spent a few years journeying alongside others with a heart for Asia. My reward was witnessing the unique stories intertwining with God’s grandiose one. I also became part of a faith community that helped me know God more as both Creator and Redeemer, not just of humanity but all of creation.

When I least expected it, God opened the door for me to delve further into this issue within OMF and to return to the Philippines. I was reminded that my journey back to Asia extends beyond my individual story. I would not be back in the Philippines if my story not been interwoven with the stories of others that God had touched: mentors, friends, colleagues, those with shared passions and those who lived cross-culturally. What amazes me is that God’s reconciliation story continues and He invites us all to be part of it. For now, my part is in Asia.

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