Calling, God is Calling

By Cheryl B.

God’s call began as an interest, a desire in my heart, as I recognized the need for people to hear about Jesus. I didn’t initially hear God say, “I want you to be a missionary.” However, over my teenage years, God used many small events, various people and experiences to confirm that this was His will for my life. The fact that two aunts were long term missionaries was a significant influence.  In grade 12 I went to Urbana.  My heart burned as I saw thousands of other young people who shared my love for the nations.

Following high school I entered Bible College and enrolled in a four year missions program. In my first year many missionaries came to share about the needs in various countries. I learned about unreached people groups; the Lord kept this on my heart.  I would call my parents, seemingly each month, with a different idea of where I could serve.

I felt ready to go rather than stay at school for three more years. My dean reasoned with me on two points: ‘First, consider Jesus. He only started his ministry when he was 30, and his was surely the most important ministry in the history of the world! If he could spend years maturing and growing, maybe it’d be wise for me to follow in His steps. Secondly, I potentially could be a missionary for 40 years; thus four years of training would be a relatively short period of time.’ I stayed and grew so much in my relationship with the Lord.

I joined a short term team, a partnership between my college and OMF, and went to South East Asia in 2005. I knew I wanted to join OMF and work in that area of the world. For two years I worked as a nanny paying off school debt. Unexpectedly an elderly lady from my church offered to pay the remaining amount of $12,000! Thank you God! I left for the field in 2008. This is now my 10th year serving in Asia.  It is good to remember how God led me here.

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