Lighting the fire

Mobilization is a word that gets thrown around a lot in missions, but what exactly does it mean?

For OMF, to mobilize is to light the fire for missions, calling God’s people to action to fulfill the mission Jesus gave the Church (Matthew 28:18–20). Unlike praying, learning, sending or going, mobilizing can take an almost infinite number of forms.

It might be sharing about your vision trip, gathering your small group to pray for an unreached people group or even challenging someone to steward their finances differently. Sharing God’s heart for the unreached can light, re-ignite and fan the passion in someone else, who can then do the same for many others. It takes only a single flame to start a fire!

Take Claire,* a university student who desired to use her training and co-op term for missions. In 2017, she flew to East Asia and served with a long-term missionary who taught at a local university where many of the student body were from unreached peoples.

While reading Claire’s prayer letters, Michael* was so inspired by her stories of God’s work that he contacted us, expressing his desire to use his computer science skills for missions. In a few months, he was serving on the field with a Bible translation team.

When they returned home, their missions journeys didn’t end—rather, they began to encourage and challenge other students in their campus group to go on missions. In the past year, five students have followed in their footsteps! What began as one person’s passion in missions and obedience has been multiplied six fold.

How about you? How will God use your unique giftings, experiences and skills to light the fire in someone else?

*Names changed.

Michelle Chiu

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