Donate. Encourage. Advocate.

—Verdell Goulding, Director of Mobilization

The ministry of OMF International aims to address this spiritual inequality, that we know how to enter into a relationship with God while many East Asians are still waiting to hear about Christ. This obviously requires people to “go” into long-term missions. But every goer needs a team of “senders.”

  • Jesus had this. We’re told in Luke 8 the names of three of “many other” women who were supporting Jesus and His disciples out of personal means.
  • Jesus’ disciples had this. Following His instruction, they found people to support their ministry by providing for their physical needs. (Luke 10:5–7)
  • The Apostle Paul had this. He relied on the financial support of Macedonian Christians to enable him to minister to the Corinthians. (Acts 18:5)

Serving as a “sender” involves more options than giving financially. You can provide moral support by being a regular encourager, logistical support by helping meet other practical needs and advocacy support by telling others about the missionary’s ministry and needs. What’s your role in reaching God’s world? For more information, check out our 6 ways page.

The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed. (Hudson Taylor)

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