Ja is a gentle-natured and humble Bible college Student in Thailand. In June 2016 he was arrested and placed in a maximum security prison. Someone had stolen his identity and committed a drug crime; a crime punishable by death. A call to prayer went out. Week after week went by until, finally, in December a court date was set… for February. A call to pray for Ja’s protection, comfort and encouragement went out.  Also for the protection of two Bible College teachers who would testify on his behalf.

On March 3, 2017 Ja’s case went before the court. The call to pray was for Ja’s faith to be strong, for honest proceedings, and for truth to prevail. The Christians present sensed the Holy Spirit’s control over the situation. The teachers gave solid evidence that, at the time of the crime, Ja had been sitting in class at the Bible college, three hours away.

The outcome: the judge dismissed the case! But Ja remained imprisoned pending a possible appeal by the prosecution. Prayer now was called for Ja’s ongoing perseverance and for ultimate deliverance. The case was not appealed. Ja was released in August 2017. God is faithful to his own and to the prayers of His people. In the Biblical account of Joseph, his brothers meant to harm him but God intended it for much good. May this be Ja’s testimony.

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