God Still Moves Mountains

Finding good schooling options for children of missionaries on the field can be a challenge. For Peter and Kelly, God had provided a wonderful local school—at least for kindergarten. But now their son was graduating to grade one. The school was working towards opening a grade one class, however, bureaucratic red tape was making the timeline for enrolment very tight. Without ministerial approval nothing could happen.

Peter and Kelly were moved by the plight of the other local families who had already invested much in this schooling option for their children. Would parents be willing to risk the wait or would they choose another option? There was one week left to decide. The school determined that 12 grade one students were needed in order to be viable, and a new teacher.

Peter and Kelly were reminded of Jeremiah’s injunction to the exiled Israelites, to seek the welfare of the place they were in. To their prayer partners they wrote, “Please pray with us for bureaucratic miracles that will see all approvals come through quickly….” A few days later, they wrote, “The school has just received approval from the ministry of education! And the director has decided to go ahead regardless of the number of students…!” God knows our needs.

Postscript: As you read this, 10 grade one students are happily learning in their new classroom!

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