Jesus loves us unconditionally and we are supposed to do the same!

Introduced by her cousin Ling who is an OMF partner, Somalay started to work in the OMF office in March 2000. Starting with administrative work, translating documents and arranging visas, she is now mainly supporting the Finance Manager. With her many years’ experience she is also helping new Finance Managers and Field Directors into their roles.

She is impressed by the real commitment of foreigners who come and live in Cambodia; giving their lives in loving the people, serving faithfully and following the example of Jesus. Cambodians, especially tribal people, don’t trust outsiders easily. Real commitment and love is needed in order to be able to share the Good News. For her it is important to share the love of Jesus and follow His example in her life. It is a huge encouragement for her that Jesus loves us unconditionally and we are supposed to do the same!

Somalay realizes there are many problems in Cambodia’s society. With the development of the country the problems of using drugs, gangs and adultery have grown. When you really get to know people, you know they are not happy and at peace. “There is only one way: that they come to know God and He can give them peace”. God can help us with those problems. Without God’s calling it is too hard to do the work in Cambodia, only with Him you can do this work. With God we are able to do more than we think we can. “The benefit from my job is to see the good examples of OMF-members, the commitment and real love they have for Cambodians.” She learned a lot by observing them; in what they do and the obedience and trust they have in following Jesus. Really understanding people, their thinking and culture is the most important part in reaching out to the
Cambodian people.

Many churches are still weak and have no firm foundation. Somalay hopes the churches will grow, that God will have the first place in believers’ lives and they will depend on Him alone. She hopes OMF will continue their work in building strong churches.

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