Jesus, I don’t know if you are real or not, but here is my address.

Jesus, I don’t know if you are real or not, but here is my address. I’ll give you a week to come where I sleep and tell the god I have already offered myself to to let me leave him and worship You.”

So began probably the most bizarre prayer I have ever heard.

Mr. Chen, an elderly man, came to our church for the first time today, brought by two Christian ladies from another church of the same denomination. One unusual thing about Mr. Chen is that he is homeless, sleeping next a McDonald’s close to where I live. One of the ladies is a social worker who successfully got a free apartment for him, only to have him turn it down because the god he offered himself to said he couldn’t live there.

Mr. Chen found church an interesting experience: “I saw Jesus standing there next to the pulpit,” he told me at lunch afterwards. Slowly he opened up details about his life. His ancestors, his present life, and the life of his illegitimate son were all fraught with bondage, sin, problems. “I want freedom!” he said gravely.

I told him to consider leaving his god and following Jesus. But this was hard for him. “I’ve been with this god all my life, I can’t just leave him!” Still, he let me and these two ladies pray for him. We felt pressure upon our hearts as we did. “Let the influence of the devil in his life be gone in Jesus’ name!” I prayed.

After some time, we paused, and he said, “While you were praying, I saw my god angry and carrying a scythe. He was yelling at Jesus saying ‘Why do you call me devil?’” We asked if we could pray some more, to which he slowly agreed. Binding the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ, we prayed for several more minutes. We encouraged Mr. Chen to pray to God to save him and make him free. Mr. Chen tried, but could not. We prayed and urged him on. His mouth opened slightly, but still he could not speak. A third time of urging and then he said, “I don’t know what to say.” One of the ladies had him repeat a prayer of spiritual release from darkness. After he repeated her first sentence, suddenly he broke out fluidly with his own words, “Jesus, I don’t know if you are real or not, but here is my address…”

Prayer finished, Mr. Chen was smiling joyfully. “At the temple, I always had to pray using the incense sticks, but here I just prayed. That was weird.” He laughed happily.

Please pray for Mr. Chen. The gauntlet has been thrown down. He has asked Jesus Christ to prove Himself.
If he sees what he has prayed for, I have no doubts that he will leave the idol he worships and follow the Living Lord.
Pray that this will happen this week.

The clock is ticking…

– David


Source: Jesus, I don’t know if you are real or not, but here is my address. | OMF | Missions to East Asia’s People

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