A Troubled Husband

Some years ago, a Tai Dam woman heard that Jesus could heal her husband. He had suffered for years and was considered crazy or possessed. They had spent lots of money and tried everything they could but were unable to find a solution. When she heard that Jesus could help them, she went door to door asking if anyone knew who Jesus was.

Eventually she came to a family from another ethnic group who were followers of Jesus. They prayed for her and her husband. It didn’t happen immediately, but not long after that the husband was healed. The couple put their faith in Jesus and began attending the fellowship of the family who had prayed for them.

For years they attended church in a language that they didn’t understand. More recently, she has come into contact with others who have helped her grow immensely in her own understanding of the faith and she is actively sharing it with others. With the help of some co-workers she was able to record the testimony of their experience and other Tai Dam are now hearing and benefitting from it.

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