More Than Conquerors

From the prayer letter of Timothy* and Mercy*

Sam* is a young man and a committed Christian and actively involved in a Thai church. A few months ago, he was falsely charged of a crime. After being charged, clear evidence emerged that he was not guilty, but Sam is from a minority group. Since the senior police officer’s reputation would suffer if he were proven wrong, Sam was sent to prison.

Shortly after his confinement, he became ill; sickness spreads easily in these conditions, and these is no access to medical care or medicine.Currently, he is being held in a room with 20 to 30 other men, without proper sanitation and sufficient food. Nights are cold, but no bedding is provided. Visitation is limited to twice a week for a very short time.

His church family has been praying earnestly for Sam but the first group of visitors did not know what they should expect to find. Would Sam be devastated that God had not answered prayer for justice to prevail? Would he be angry at God? Would he be despondent?

He was not these things—they found him in good spirits and trusting in God! His visitors have always reported that they hoped to be an encouragement to Sam, but he was the one encouraging them instead. Sam has been growing in his faith by leaps and bounds in the midst of injustice, sickness, and difficulties.

His family was able to bring some books and a Bible to him, but he only took the Bible, and he has been in his own little “Bible college” ever since. Other prisoners have started coming to him for advice. He asked why they came to him, and they said that there is a warmth in him that draws them to him.

Recently, Sam wrote a letter to his church family. He wrote: “I can only say one thing: Thank you, God, and thanks to my brothers and sisters for your love and support.” It is so wonderful to see how God is already using these difficult circumstances for good in Sam’s own life and in the lives of his fellow prisoners.

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.” Genesis 50:20


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