Faith in Action

By Adeline* 

I absolutely loved my time at James O. Fraser Centre (JOFC), serving in a two-year ESL and biblical discipleship program for tribal believers. One of the things I enjoyed the most was fellowshipping with all of the staff and students, as they humbly and cheerfully strive to live Christ-centred lives. In addition, the passionate and heart-felt worship and prayer times in many different languages takes my breath away—it gives me a glimpse of what heaven will be like!


It was also really encouraging to participate in the end-of-term celebrations and see the growth in the students’ walks with the Lord. I was touched listening to the thanksgiving, praise and prayer requests of the students, all of which were centred on God and advancing His kingdom. They are very passionate about reaching their communities for the Lord.


The last day of term, all the students and staff spread out in a nearby town to hand out gingerbread cookies, gospel tracts, and invitations to a special Christmas celebration at JOFC. The students put their faith into action by inviting their unbelieving acquaintances. Moreover it was exciting to hear of several planned outreaches over the Christmas break to a local unreached area. Their plan was to share the gospel, hand out Bibles, and bring clothing to those with little.

Adeline playing with children


  • Gradice Alexandre

    Congrats! It’s wonderful your work! How can I join you?

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