What Good News Can You Tell Me?

A few weeks ago, my wife and I visited the Manobo village of Quiapo where we have been holding outreach meetings from time to time. As we entered the village, we met a wild looking older Manobo with his younger companion. He had a big plug of crimson betel nut in his mouth, long, unkept hair with a band tying it back and large holes in his ear-lobes. We greeted him and found that he was just on his way home to a village further in from Quiapo. He then went on his way as we left.

A few minutes later the same man came back and said, “I felt I had to come back to ask you what good news you could tell me that I could share with the people in my village.”

We were a bit taken aback, but after chatting a bit to find out exactly what he had in mind and mentioning the Tsunami, I was able to share with him that though there may be disasters that come, and though we may die, there is no need to worry if we have faith in God. I briefly outlined the gospel to him and then he responded, “That’s the best news! I’ll tell my village about that.” And off he went again with his companion.

We have no idea what the long-term consequences of this conversation will be, but we felt that it was an answer to one of our frequent prayers for the Manobo people–that God would give them a hunger and a thirst for his Word (particularly the Word that we have been translating into the Manobo language).

Please pray that there will be more encounters like this one where people are prompted to seek the truth, and pray that we will be ready ‘in season and out of season’ to share the best news of all; that Jesus died for our sins and made open the way for us to go to heaven.

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