“Their God is Strong”

After an emergency C-section, the missionary laid on her hospital bed, unconscious and breathing off a ventilator. The operation was an attempt to save her life, but for some women it could come too late.

Christian friends stood with the doctor and nurse around her bed. Suddenly, the new mother pulled on her tubes. The nurse quickly grabbed her arms in an attempt to stop her—she wouldn’t be able to breathe on her own. Feelings of darkness and fear hung in the room. The friends prayed aloud next to their friend’s bed. Once again she pulled on her tubes, but this time she could breathe without them and even asked questions about what was happening. The doctors and nurses looked at her with mouths agape. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

The missionary became the talk of the hospital. From the elevators to the hallways, doctors and nurses talked about the strong American woman and the foreigners who prayed a lot. “Did you hear about her? She just woke up. She is so strong. Their God is strong.”

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