Tam’s “Adoption”

Tam came from a poor rural family. His parents already had seven older children, and Tam was just one too many in all the mouths they had to feed. Unable to care for him, his parents sent him to an orphanage.

While there, Tam heard about Jesus. He received the good news with joy. In fact, it is hard for him to not share Christ with everyone that he meets! Now that Tam has graduated and gone off to university in the city, his faith is even stronger.

As Tam knows well, Vietnam is a tough place to live. The harshness of life leads to the breakdown of parenting, families and even of life itself, leaving many children with no one willing or able to care for them. Life becomes a matter of survival, of finding a way to deal with the hunger and hopelessness of each day.

For centuries Vietnam, has struggled to take care of the street children and orphans. Government programs do exist to supplement these children with a small stipend, but this may only amount to $.30 per day. State-run orphanages are crowded with abandoned children, mostly those with deformities, illnesses or HIV. Assistance through international adoption with the U.S. has been halted by concerns of corruption. There are many challenges in looking after these children, and sharing the gospel with them is difficult, especially in a country that remains highly suspicious of and hostile towards “foreign religion.”


  • Pray that orphans will have opportunities to hear the gospel and mow God as their father.
  • Pray for those who leave orphanages as adults as they face many challenges in providing for themselves and building new relationships
  • Pray for the huge needs for Christian orphanages in Vietnam: suitable staff, financial provision and good relationships with local officials.

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